What We Do

Tutoring for International GCSE and A levels and SATs

Our accelerated learning packages allow students to master the required examination material for both the UK and US tertiary institutions in a fraction of the time and with exceptional comprehension and retention! For top achievers at local schools who want to improve their chances of studying abroad or locally, we offer our accelerated programmes in International GCSE, A levels or SATs either full-time (ie: alternative to Matric) or after school. Learners can either attend our sessions in person, or join online classes.

Our International Reach

We host online classes every day, with students logging into small, virtual classrooms from the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world. Our students graduate from Learning Unlimited’s programmes with internationally-recognised qualifications, and a vastly enriched educational experience.

Many of our graduates have gone on to study at Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford and Eton, among other elite institutions.

Transitioning to the UK Education System

For families who seek an enriched bridging programme to support their transition into a new (and more demanding education system), we design programmes to assist children with UK school entrance tests and subject support based on the UK curricula.
These programmes can be taught online, or from our premises, from age 11 to A levels and in time-frames suited to the family’s specific requirements.

Gap Year Studies

If you have completed formal Matric and wish to advance your studies while planning your future, we offer A Levels or Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) in advanced subjects of particular interest.

You could either join one of our short, intensive accelerated programmes, or sign up for courses presented throughout the year.

Learners with Extracurricular Activities

For learners engaged in extracurricular activities with rigorous training schedules and travel in either sport or the arts, we regularly customise accelerated programmes either as part of our online or resident learner groups, or one-on-one. We aim to ensure you attain top academic results while still maintaining your extra-mural training regimes.

Many of our graduates have gone on to study at Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford and Eton, among other elite institutions.

A Level Science Practicals

Our laboratory sessions are suitable for anyone completing the International GCSEs or A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All students need to complete these practical sessions in order to fulfil the critical requirements of their chosen qualification.

These practical sessions are hosted at various points throughout the year and are suitable for students who are home-schooled, others who are in need of revision, as well as our own students.

Sophrology and Career guidance

Students today are coping with enormous pressure and stress in their personal lives as well as academic lives. There is a growing number of students who suffer from fatigue, stress, anxiety disorder and performance anxiety.

Dorna Revie specializes in “Stress-free Exams” courses and Diana Ritchie with the latest career guidance tools to optimise students wellbeing, self -confidence and academic performance.

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