Our Team

Sharon Levy
Founder and Director of Learning Unlimited

Sharon has been an educator for thirty-five years and is an Ashoka fellow nominated for her pioneering work in education in the 1990s. Sharon subsequently set up The Institute for Leadership in Education (TILE) an NPO in 2003 to conduct research and pilot innovative approaches to teaching and learning in South Africa.

She founded Learning Unlimited fifteen years ago to share her research and impact with students looking to discover their full potential. Over the years, Sharon has taught a large variety of children and has developed innovative methods to better model learning, including in children suffering from severe learning disabilities.

You have taught my boys that there is no limit to their intellectual curiosity. You have taught them the value of thinking for themselves” Parent, Justine Gevisser

Sharon is an extraordinary teacher. Visionary in her approach, she is led by the child. The teacher-student relationship is one of equals”.

The incredible passion Sharon and her team have for what they do coupled to her unique approach to teaching has shown me just how much is possible when you put your mind to it.

Kimberly Millard
English Language and Linguistics

Kimberly is an English Language and Linguistics teacher who was recruited by Leaning Unlimited in 2015 shortly after she graduated from Rhodes University with an Honours degree in Applied Linguistics.

Her training in linguistics and psychology informs Kimberly’s approach as she understands children’s language and learning needs at all levels. Using the unique approach and methods of Learning Unlimited, Kimberly has successfully developed and taught programmes for students from A level to Foundation Phase. At each level, Kimberly works with students to hone their knowledge and skills in creative writing practices; textual analysis; and understanding language in the broader context of society and power.

Kimberly is currently teaching in the UK where she has the first-hand experience of the British education system and the challenges it poses to immigrating South Africans. Together with Sharon, Kimberly develops specialised programmes to assist immigrating students in their transition from one schooling system to the next: filling gaps in knowledge and skills and familiarizing them with the UK style of teaching.

Tapuwa Muchinga
Biology and Mathematics

Tapuwa is a Biological Sciences and Mathematics teacher with a rare combination of biomedical research and clinical science skills.

Since graduating from the University of Zimbabwe with a Bachelor of Science Education in Mathematics and Biological Sciences in 2003, Tapuwa has gained invaluable experience working both as a teacher and a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Tapuwa later began working at the International School of Cape Town as a Biological Sciences teacher and in 2012 he received his MSc. MED in Medicine from the University of Cape Town.

Tapuwa has also authored several publications including a journal article on his research into testing for tuberculosis and an A-Level Biology textbook. Tapuwa is currently a PhD Medical Biochemistry fellow.

Ernest Manhenga

Head of Science, CT International School. Ernest is the CAIE Examinations Officer at the International School of Cape Town

Ernest Manhenga is a knowledgeable and passionate Physics and Mechanics teacher who officially joined our dream team in 2016 after a long-standing working relationship with Sharon.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Physics and Mathematics at the University of Zimbabwe in 2003, Ernest began working as a Science and Physics teacher at Churchill Boys High in Harare. Several years later, Ernest immigrated to South Africa where he was appointed as the Science and Physics teacher at the International School of Cape Town. Within a year, Ernest was promoted to Head of Science at ISCT where he continues to inspire and mould curious minds.

Charles de Villiers
Mathematics, Physics, and SAT tests

Charles earned a BSc in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from UNISA before obtaining a Master’s in Physics from the University of Grenoble (France). After a career that took him from reactor physicist at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station to software engineer on the Square Kilometre Array project, he now teaches A-level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.

He has also prepared students for the SAT general and subject exams.

Charles is an experienced chess coach and player who has won the national championship six times and represented South Africa abroad. He believes that chess provides excellent training in lateral thinking, problem-solving and creativity. He has written a Computer Science textbook as well as three books for young children.

Dr Paul Murray LU History Tutor 2022

Paul Murray
International GCSE Geography

Paul Murray has taught (see above) for 38 years at St John’s College Johannesburg and Bishops He holds degrees in Latin, Italian, History, Literature and Philosophy including a Ph.D. in History which was awarded in 2012 from the University of Pretoria and an MA from the Univ of Stellenbosch

Subjects taught:

Matric History of Art NSC
Matric Design Theory IEB and NSC
Matric Drama Theory IEB
Matric History IEB and NSC
Matric Economics NSC
ALevel History UCLES
ALevel Economics UCLES
Matric Italian IEB
Matric Business Economics NSC
International GCSE Geography
GED Social studies

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Charl Du Plessis
Economics, Business Studies, Afrikaans

Charl holds a South African law degree, an MBA from Yale and a PhD from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, USA. His PhD studies in Entrepreneurship and Ethics focused on the confluence of values and the creation of value. He has co-authored several textbooks on Business Ethics, published in international academic journals and presented his research papers at multiple international conferences, with an emphasis on economic justice. Charl has taught at the Universities of Virginia, Pretoria and Western Cape, working with undergraduates, graduates and Executives respectively. He prides himself on a consistent record of exceptional student evaluations for his enthusiastic, supportive and contextualised style of teaching.

Professionally, Charl has worked as consultant, manager and entrepreneur across different continents and a variety of industries. He has consulted to Fortune 500 companies in the US, premier financial institutions in South Africa and to philanthropic groups across different parts of Africa. He has worked with refugees in the rain forests of Guinea, led the start-ups of a variety of ventures and for the past 12 years has run his family’s niche media company in the custom, newsstand and digital publishing environment, creating space to raise a family with Dr Tanya Goodman, his partner in life and in publishing.

A teacher at heart, Charl has consistently carved out time to assist young learners in the Southern suburbs experiencing problems in a variety of school subjects, notably Mathematics, Afrikaans and Economics. As a highly involved father of two teenagers, 13 and 16 respectively, Charl stays actively abreast of the curriculum and schooling culture experienced by young learners

Dr Paul Murray LU History Tutor 2022

Edward Munyarari

Edward has a Master of Education Degree in Science and Mathematics (MEd Chemistry) and a Master of Science Degree in Analytical Chemistry (MSC ACH).

Edward has received a number of teaching awards. Edward makes use of various teaching methods in the classroom to ensure that students grasp the important concepts. This includes Blended learning, Critical thinking, Cross-curricular integration teaching, Flipped classroom, Project/Problem-based learning as well as Reflection and Self-evaluation.

He is currently Head of Science Department at the International School of Cape Town. Edward offers our Learning Unlimited students Chemistry practical work and theory tuition for students preparing for International GCSE and A levels.


Norman Bernard
English Language

Norman is an English teacher (both language and literature) and editor who has a Masters degree in English as well as a two-year diploma in Book and Magazine Publishing, a TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) certificate, another certificate relating to the teaching of non-native speakers known as the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) and a certificate in the teaching of Business English.

When dealing with those who are pursuing internationally recognized A levels he has taught International GCSE, A level English language, and A level literature. These students have in some cases been home-schooled and in others referred to him by institutions such as ISCT in Wynberg.

In his capacity as an EFL (English for Foreign Language) teacher, Norman is also the Exam English Trainer. In his Exam English classes, Norman assists upper intermediate and advanced non-native speakers who wish to study at English language universities to prepare for English proficiency tests such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), Pearson Test of Academic English and the Cambridge C1 Advanced (formerly known as the CAE or Cambridge Advanced English).

Norman loves teaching and especially enjoys the way in which private lessons, of individuals and small groups, provide opportunities for detailed, intensive work and giving students individual attention.

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Dorna Revie
Sophro-Ki® Sophrology

International Sophrology Coach

In 2006 Dorna Revie set up the first school in the world to offer the Professional Sophrology Diploma in English (www.energycentre.ch).

In 2012 she set up the first online Professional Sophrology Diploma course so as to expand globally and offer the chance to become a sophrologist to people throughout the world . Over the years, Dorna has taught 26 full Sophrology courses and her school is still expanding.

In 2019, Learning Unlimited was privileged to have the support and involvement of Dorna, as she has provided individual coaching and group Sophrology sessions for our students: assisting them throughout the year with tools and techniques to enhance their emotional wellbeing as well as academic performance.

In 2020, Dorna spent six months sharing Sophrology with students, parents, community workers and educators. Together with the Institute for Leadership in Education (TILE) Dorna introduced “Sophro-Ki Sophrology” to South African ECD teachers in rural communities.

For the first time in 2019, Dorna introduced a Sophro-Ki® Professional Sophrology Diploma Course – Sophro-Ki® 25 – to a diverse group of South Africans.


Diana Ritchie
Career Assessments and Counselling

Diana Ritchie has supported professionals and students with their career development and self-development as the owner and founder of SCC Sàrl, a Swiss-registered company established in 2007. She holds a BA in Economics from McGill University, Canada and an LLB in Law from the University of London, England.

Diana supports young people with their future direction through her vast international knowledge and the use of the above tools. In particular, the Highlands Talent Ability Battery which is a self-assessment tool that supports students and those wanting a change in career to better understand their natural abilities, what comes naturally and what jobs are possible. Highlands tests their natural ability as driving abilities and specialized abilities as abilities that enhance how they use natural abilities.

Diana is presently certified and accredited within:

Frameworks Coaching Process
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach within the Classic code and the New Code
Sophrologist (registered with the Swiss complementary health insurance (ASCA)); practitioner and teacher
Insights Discovery and the Highlands Talent Ability Battery self-assessment tools
Systemic Change Coach with Nowhere
Peter Koenig system, a master class 2014 graduate
Business Model You methodology; coach and trainer


John Holtman
English Literature, Public Speaking, Debating

John is a qualified English teacher, father of two and a native of the Eastern Cape, where he matriculated from John Bisseker High School in 1975. He is an alumnus of three South African universities (UWC, UNISA and UCT), where his last stint was reading for an M.Ed in Language and Literacy.

He has spent the last 26 years in Cape Town where he has been teaching high school boys since 2002. Within that environment, he has been a Public Speaking and Debating coach and is an executive member of the South African Independent Schools Public Speaking Association since 2007. He has coached at least six national champions and has had similar success at international competitions.

He is passionate about the power of words and their ability to persuade, influence, and lead, and particularly through the medium of storytelling.

Ibtisaam Ahmed-Tutor

Ibtisaam Ahmed

Ibtisaam Ahmed has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cape Town and a Masters of Law from Cornell University. She has taught law at the University of Cape Town and has worked for a number of private institutions as both a lecturer and researcher.

Ibtisaam approaches the study and teaching of law in terms of the law’s potential to protect values that promote the public good and as a vehicle for exercising the autonomy of individuals.

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Zulfiqar Awan

Zulfiqar Awan
Psychology and Sociology

British lecturer, Zulfiqar Awan (BA Hons, MA, PGCE and Ph.D. candidate) has 16 years of teaching experience in the U.K and Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Awan has also worked as an independent senior lecturer in philosophy, history, politics, and literature on behalf of the British Government, Home Office, and the Department of Education. He is the founder of Humanitas Lifelong Learning, where he teaches regular classes and short courses directly to the public, and online to an international audience. Mr Awan currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ibtisaam Ahmed-Tutor

Nomsamo Kwatsha
School Manager

Doris is the backbone of the school. She anticipates and takes care of the needs of all of the staff, students, and parents who walk through our doors.

Doris manages the comings and goings throughout the day in a way that is cheerful, efficient, and caring and she ensures that Learning Unlimited is a comfortable and homely learning environment for all who choose to study with us.

Ibtisaam Ahmed-Tutor

Wolfgang and Sheba
Learning Unlimited Mascots

Wolfie is the newest addition to our team. At times, he can be a little too high maintenance for his parents, Doris and Sharon, and demands attention from Learning Unlimited’s students instead. Did you know? An ancient Native American legend claims that dogs with different coloured eyes can see Heaven with the blue eye and earth with the other. All at the same time.

Wolfie welcomes newcomer Sheba.