Tailored Programs for Emigrating South African Students of All Ages

Many South African families and individuals choose to emigrate in search of new opportunities. However, embarking on a journey to a foreign land presents problems of adaptation. It is extremely difficult to deal with educational gaps on top of all this and students who are not adequately prepared may become unmotivated and depressed.

To address this issue, we offer tailored programs to help bridge these gaps for emigrating South African students of all ages. In this article, we will explore the significance of these programs and the incredible opportunities they provide for South African students as they adapt to foreign educational systems.

Our 11-year old twins Joshua and Jenna had been schooled in the Steiner system for primary and high school, but when we decided to emigrate to Northern Ireland the need to bridge the gap between what our children had been taught and the British curriculum for children age 11+ became urgent.

A wonderful curriculum was put together for the core subjects of English and mathematics as well as CAT 4 aptitude tests. LU provided a wonderfully supportive learning environment in which sensitivity to the changes our family was undergoing was always evident and in which no undue pressure was created despite the large volume of work that needed to be done in only 2 months.
Our children have been able to adjust amazingly well in their new school environment and our time with LU has been a blessing in our lives.

The Cowburn Family

The Significance of Education for South African Emigrating Students:

Education is a transformative force in the lives of individuals, and South African students who emigrate often face unique challenges in adapting to foreign educational systems. These challenges can disrupt their educational journey, creating gaps that hinder their personal and professional development.

Curriculum Alignment:

Emigrating South African students of all ages may encounter the daunting task of adapting to new curricula, teaching methodologies, and learning European languages in their new educational environment. We offer tailored programs that provide curriculum alignment and language support that are essential in ensuring a smooth transition and continued academic growth.


South African students of all ages who are emigrating abroad deserve the opportunity to access quality education and bridge the gaps introduced by migration, particularly in curricula. We provide tailored programs, with an emphasis on curriculum alignment and language support which are instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition into foreign educational systems and a promising future for South African students around the world thus empowering students to thrive in their new educational landscapes and contribute positively to their adopted countries.

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I am thrilled that my children have been accepted into private UK schools where they will commence their studies in 2020. When we approached Sharon Levy, Director of Learning Unlimited, with a view to passing UK school academic tests—a condition of entry—we were horrified to find out that our children were 18-24 months behind their British peers and that we had time for only a 5-week intensive study program prioritising English, mathematics and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Sharon’s passion for learning made the children look forward to their lessons. Towards the end of their program, I noticed a big shift in my children’s ability to understand questions and find answers quickly and easily thus enabling me to realise that their program with LU had been a great success.

Thankfully, the efforts of all have been rewarded by acceptance into two excellent schools. I am grateful to Sharon for the work she does and for her enthusiasm for teaching.

The Becker Family

From Keelyn
We have been so lucky to have Sharon and her team of tutors from Learning Unlimited to bridge the big gap between local schools and UK syllabi. It is evident that there is also a big difference in what is expected of children in UK schools, but Sharon developed a bespoke plan that will help our children for years to come.

From Connor
I have really benefited from my tutoring. The experience has been intense but enjoyable. The sciences are taught much more thoroughly in the UK and there is much more work to do and information to absorb. English is particularly different in terms of expectations. There is a much greater need in to apply your learning, engage in problem-solving and be creative in all your subjects in the UK.

I wish to thank Sharon and her tutors for all their help.

The Dearlove Family

I enrolled my son Luke with Learning Unlimited in order to study for his IGCSEs as we were moving to the UK. It was no easy feat as Sharon and her team had only 5 months to get him ready for 5 IGCSE exams.

Moving from the South African curriculum was a huge challenge, but the tutors were dedicated, patient and committed to making him make the transition and master his subjects. Ii am extremely grateful to Sharon and her wonderful team of tutors for their assistance.

Carolyn Elliott (Luke's mom)