Unlock your potential and embrace a world-class education.

Learning Unlimited (LU) is an institution which has a proven track record for over 15 years.

We prepare students for international GCSE, AS and A level subjects across a wide range of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Subjects offered include English Language, mathematics and further mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, business studies, sociology, psychology, history and geography.

Our tutors are experienced both in their subject areas and in delivering these particular curricula which enables them to provide assessments for students, identify academic strengths and weaknesses and determine what needs to be done to ensure that students are genuinely exam-ready.

High levels of academic expertise among our tutors also enable them to deliver customised lessons and provide students with the remarkable benefit of accelerated programs in which material is covered thoroughly but often in half the time normally taken to do so.

Fulltime Home-school Campus

We offer on-site morning lectures for students who are shifting from the NSC or IEB to International GCSE or A levels in order to apply to overseas universities who require A levels. Our campus is in the leafy suburb of Rondebosch: quiet, peaceful and conducive to studies.

Extra Support for IGCSE, AS or A Level Subjects

Part Time – Online and/or In Person. For students who are already registered with an online A level program or doing an alternative matric that offers A levels. Our tutors provide additional support in specific subjects and problem areas. This includes in situ A level science laboratory practicals.


Full Time – Online and/or In Person. We offer a personalized program with our expert tutors who provide weekly tuition and assessments for students wanting to cover the IGCSE, AS or A level syllabi for application to local or overseas institutions.

The HAB Career Assessement

Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) Assessment

The HAB career assessment provides in-depth analysis of the student’s innate abilities to ensure that the correct subjects are selected based on appropriate career paths. Whether you already know which A-level subjects you want to do or if you’re struggling to decide, taking the HAB will help you make the right choices.

Booster Courses: Overview & Revision

Introductory and Exam Preparation. We provide short 10 to 12 hour online courses which cover the territory of each subject by providing an overview of the relevant syllabus.

Introductory Courses: mid-Jan to Feb and Jun/Jul

Exam Revision:  Mar/Apr and Sept/Oct

Bridging Education Gaps for Emigrating Families

Assistance for All Ages. These courses are for families that are emigrating. The transition to overseas living and study is often traumatic and disruptive. 

We provide programs tailored to your children’s needs and their future schooling in order to bridge the gap.

Post Matric A Levels

These studies are for students who have completed matric and only then discover that they cannot apply to overseas universities which require a “13th Year” i.e. they need to do A levels in addition to their matric in order to be eligible to apply.

Meet Our Team of Tutors

Our highly regarded and accomplished subject specialist tutors are experts in their fields. With a multi-faceted approach, they refine and translate complex subject matter into an easily understandable and applicable framework, seamlessly guiding students in their academic progress.


We are proud to present an inspiring collection of testimonials and success stories that showcase the incredible impact our programs have had on many students. These heartfelt accounts highlight the transformative power of our educational approach and commitment to providing unparalleled learning experiences.

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