Unlocking Post-Matric A Levels for Ambitious Students Worldwide

For any capable and intellectually ambitious student, doing a 13th year in the form of A levels provides a unique opportunity to investigate subjects of interest and relevance with much academic depth and rigour. However, for students wishing to apply to universities abroad, having a specified number of A levels is a condition of application. The A level subjects required also vary from institution to institution.

By embarking on a 13th year with Learning Unlimited, South African students can greatly expand the range of higher education choices available to them.

1. Broadening Academic Horizons

The 13th year of A Levels studies, offers a more in-depth exploration of subjects and topics, going beyond the scope of regular Matric or high school curriculum. This extended year of learning enables students to delve deeper into subjects they are passionate about, positioning them well for university admissions worldwide.

2. Building Specialized Knowledge

Post-Matric A Levels provide an opportunity to build specialized knowledge in specific subjects. Students can choose A Level subjects that align with their interests and career aspirations, and these in-depth studies can set the stage for success in fields that require specialized expertise, both in South Africa and in universities around the world.

The Learning Unlimited team does an incredible job of teaching in a manner that is tailored to the needs of individual students and thus motivate them to care about more than just the content of what they learn.

I know that I benefited hugely from my opportunity to learn with them and that his played a significant role in giving me the ability to get to Oxford University where I am now a doctoral researcher and involved in teaching the Mathematics for Chemistry course.

I would certainly recommend studying with LU to anyone wanting to broaden their academic horizons or thinking about studying overseas.

Matthew Colesworthy

Student at Oxford University

3. Enhancing Critical Thinking

A Levels are known for their emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, skills that are highly valued by universities both within and outside South Africa. The 13th year of studies challenges students to think critically, analyze concepts, and engage in complex problem solving. This skill set is invaluable in both academic and professional contexts, no matter where they choose to study or work.

4. University Preparation

For students aiming to attend prestigious universities abroad, Post-Matric A Levels are a necessity. These qualifications are recognized and respected by universities worldwide, making it easier for students to gain admission to top-tier institutions, not just in South Africa but also beyond its borders.

5. Personal Growth

The 13th year of studies is not just about academics; it’s also about personal growth. Students who choose this path demonstrate their dedication to learning and a willingness to embrace challenges. This journey instills discipline, resilience, and a strong work ethic, qualities that serve students well in the future, whether they pursue their higher education in South Africa or overseas.

6. Versatility in Career Options

Post-Matric A Levels open up a world of career possibilities, both locally and globally. Graduates can pursue careers in various fields, from STEM to the arts, and their specialized knowledge and critical thinking abilities set them apart in the job market, whether they choose to work in South Africa or abroad.

7. Networking Opportunities

The 13th year of studies often leads to interaction with like-minded peers and educators who share a passion for learning. These networking opportunities can be valuable for future collaborations and career connections, both domestically and on an international scale.

8. Personal Fulfillment

Choosing to pursue the 13th year of studies is a personal journey of growth and self-discovery. It offers students the opportunity to fulfill their intellectual potential and embrace a lifelong love of learning, a passion that transcends geographical boundaries.


The opportunity for students to obtain Post-Matric A Levels or the 13th year of studies is a compelling and rewarding educational path. It allows students to broaden their academic horizons, build specialized knowledge, enhance critical thinking skills, prepare for university, experience personal growth, open up versatile career options, and find personal fulfillment in their pursuit of academic excellence.

For students who are ambitious, intellectually curious, and ready to embrace the challenges of extended studies, the 13th year represents a transformative journey that can shape their future and propel them toward academic and professional success, not just in South Africa, but on the global stage. It’s a bold choice that holds the promise of a richer, more fulfilling educational experience, preparing students to succeed in universities and careers around the world.


Isabella and Luca Nicholson are both studying at universities in the EU. Isabella is studying sports management at the European Business School in Rome and her brother Luca is studying economics and business economics at the University of Utrecht.

Their testimonials follow below:

Want to take the next step?

I switched from CAPS to AS and A level studies because I found that EU universities required either 3 independent A levels as a condition of entry or else academic bridging programs that could last as long as 18 months if one had only a South African NSC Matric Certificate.

Learning Unlimited is an incredible learning platform that has opened my eyes to a whole new world of teaching and learning. The contents of AS and A level syllabi are much more extensive than anything I knew before and a huge emphasis is placed on an ability to apply one’s knowledge. However, the LU team has enabled me to deal with the new content step by step and make my transition smooth-sailing.

Personally, the most important outcome for me that has come from doing A level studies is the doors that have opened for me in the future.

Isabella Nicholson

I have always wanted to study overseas, but was aware of the limitations I might face in this regard if I only pursued the CAPS syllabus. I chose the study A levels and left my high school. Initially I greatly underestimated the AS and A level syllabi and tried to study on my own. After a few weeks I realised I needed help.

Fortunately, I heard about Learning Unlimited through my twin sister Isabella. We started the LU journey together and although the work has been challenging to say the least the passion and dedication showed by all my tutors has made learning extremely enjoyable and classes something I look forward to.

I look forward to what I will achieve when my A level exams are over and cannot thank the LU team enough for their unconditional support.

Luca Nicholson