UK Admission

Is the UK or EU your destination choice?

Then you’ll need to be prepared to take the International GCSE and A Level comprising:

  • International GCSE
  • A Levels (1st year AS Levels and 2nd-year A-Levels)
  • A levels are required by most top British and European universities.
  • These international qualifications are recognized by the world’s best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career.
  • International A level curricula provide a thorough, challenging, and internationally recognized curriculum with subject material designed by global experts and based on cutting-edge educational research.
  • International A-level qualifications will also help South African applicants to USA universities stand out favorably.
  • They offer a rigorous alternative or supplement to matric and provide a significant head start at local universities.
  • The curriculum teaches creative thinking rather than rote memorization and will enrich your education.
  • At Learning Unlimited we guide advanced students through our accelerated packages for International GCSE, AS Levels, and A-Levels, enabling them to complete the required courses in a fast but intensive timespan.

I never could have achieved what I have without Sharon and her team. You won’t get a better education anywhere else.


Learning Unlimited has been instrumental in helping my children reach their full potential.


Jordyn would not have managed through the past 2 years without the commitment and perseverance of her outstanding tutors at Learning Unlimited


Our A level and GCSE Tutoring programme achieves remarkable results for students who:

  • are bright and potentially high flyers;
  • are mature enough and motivated to
  • develop their academic excellence;
  • are unstimulated and stifled by the mainstream education system;
  • thrive interacting with equally intelligent and like-minded students
  • have an innate curiosity, drive and yearning for opportunities that can ‘open doors’ for their long term aspirations and dreams


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