Stand a chance to win a free HAB (6+ hour program).

One lucky student will win a free HAB 6+ hour program. This includes a private interview, the 3 hour HAB test, a 2 hour feedback session with parents including up to 10 reports and invaluable practical advice on subject choices, educational direction and what to do now and what to do in the future.

What makes the HAB program unique?

  • Your abilities are measured based on performance rather than perception.
  • You receive individual analyses reports on your personality, motivation, how you learn, communicate, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Learn strategies to improve performance at school and understand your options for schools and subjects in South Africa and internationally.
  • Discover the type of learning environment where you will thrive.
  • Feel confident in communicating your strengths.
  • Expand your vision of opportunities.
  • You are guided through your reports to help identify your preferred work environment and potential career options.

Learning Unlimited (LU), a Cape Town based tutor centre, offers education solutions to South African students, such as fast tracked online SATs, IGSCEs and A Level courses that lead to acceptance to top ranked overseas Universities, focussing not just on academics, but on the whole person.

Based on the encouraging feedback from our own students who have followed the HAB program with our partner Diana Ritchie from SCC, a Swiss based career advisory company we are excited to offer the HAB program to other South African students.

The decisions you make now with respect to schools, subjects, University and career choices will impact the whole of your life and determine your happiness and success. Join the many students who have already chosen the best support on the market – the HAB program!

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