If you are transitioning from South African Matric to A Levels for University Admission.

Our Fulltime Home-School Campus in Rondebosch, Cape Town, is for students aspiring to attend either local universities or study abroad doing international AS and A level studies has many benefits. Firstly, these qualifications are universally valued and greatly increase the number of universities to which one can apply without having to do time-consuming academic bridging programs. In addition, international AS and A levels enable students to do a much more streamlined matric, tailored to actual interests and career preferences. Furthermore, much more rigorous academic standards ensure that such students are far more university- ready than their NSC peers.

1. The Challenges of International AS and A level studies

NSC and IEB students are not used to academic rigour that AS and A level studies demand. Assisting them to acquire the necessary skills is one of the biggest academic challenges. However, there are non-academic problems that need to be considered. For example, studying at home on your own can lead to loneliness, stress, demotivation and a feeling that specialized academic assistance is needed.

2. The A Level Advantage

The international A Levels are respected and widely accepted by universities in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and beyond. These qualifications are known for their rigorous standards and their emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and in-depth subject knowledge. Achieving A Levels demonstrates a high level of preparedness for university studies, aligning well with the demands of international higher education.

3. Our Homeschool Campus

Attending our homeschool campus provides students with a structured, supportive environment to transition from the NSC or IEB to International A Levels seamlessly.

I started working on my IGCSEs with Learning Unlimited in 2019 in a small group with 3 other students. I began with three subjects and added 6 more. This was an immense workload, but I was surrounded throughout by highly professional teachers who were passionate about their subjects and their students.

I completed my IGCSEs during the COVID lockdown and it was only the dedication of LU’s tutors that enabled me to submit a portfolio that enabled me to get assessed grades. Instead of losing an entire year, I ended up with 6 A’s, two B’s and one C.

I recently completed my AS levels in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and English by means of a combination of practicums and one-on-one online lessons. The energy my teachers poured into my education is greater than anything I have experienced anywhere else.

My experience with LU has been nothing short of a dream and I cannot wait to see where all the opportunities I have been offered will take me.

Travis Galbraith

4. Specialized Curriculum

We offer a specialized curriculum tailored to the requirements of AS and A Levels. Our curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, enabling students to choose the combination that best aligns with their academic and career aspirations.

5. Experienced Tutors

Students benefit from the expertise of tutors experienced in delivering International AS and A Level programs. These tutors guide students through the curriculum, offering support and mentorship throughout their academic journey.

6. Exam Preparation

One of the key elements of the transition is the preparation for AS and A Level examinations. Our experienced tutors emphasize exam readiness, helping students master the subject matter and exam techniques to perform at their best.

7. University Guidance

In addition to academic preparation, we provide career guidance, helping students identify suitable subjects tailored to their career choices.

I have taken A levels with Learning Unlimited in order to study in the EU. My experience with LU has been nothing but amazing. Sharon has been constantly available to advise on subject choice or deal with any queries and her tutors have all been top-class regardless of subject taught. Their teaching is capable, comprehensive and they are always available and understanding if external factors affect lesson times or due dates.

I am a competitive swimmer at the international level so the flexibility of part-time online studies has been absolutely invaluable. I have been able to get the best of both worlds because there is simply no institution better able to give me the very best academically while still accommodating my swimming career.

If you wish to get the best possible results in your AS and A level exams you need look no further.

Mattia Gallino

8. Holistic Development

We understand the importance of holistic development and provide an environment that nurtures not only academic growth but also personal development, critical thinking, and life skills.

9. Global Opportunities

The transition to international AS and A Levels opens up a world of opportunities for South African students. It enables them to apply to universities around the globe and pursue international careers.

10. Preparing for Success

In making the transition from the South African matric to international AS and A Levels, students are taking a significant step toward academic and career success. These qualifications not only provide admission opportunities but also equip students with the skills and knowledge to excel in the competitive world of international higher education.


The opportunity to attend our homeschool campus and transition from the NSC or IEB to international A Levels is a compelling pathway for South African students seeking to attend universities abroad. This transition not only ensures recognition by international institutions but also offers students a holistic and supportive learning environment. With international A Levels, South African students can confidently embark on their global academic journeys, preparing for a future filled with diverse opportunities and experiences that transcend borders.

Phoenix moved from the NSC so as to do International AS and A levels. At the end of 2022. He succeeded in obtaining A’s in all his AS and A level subjects, English, Afrikaans, mathematics, chemistry and physics.

His testimonial follows below:

Thanks so much for the last two years. I’ve really enjoyed them and have learned so much.

It’s made my passion for maths and physics grow so much and I’m super-grateful that I’ll now have the opportunity to live out these passions.

Phoenix Tennant